Coaching Accelerators

Fast-track your path to success. Whether you’re seeking to join the ranks of the C-Suite or the boardroom, Athena Accelerators deliver tailored one-on-one coaching and exceptional service, targeted to your personal goals.

Tailored to support your goals

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Dedicated support

A Personal Concierge will guide you to all that Athena can deliver. They will track your progress and adjust your program along the way to meet your goals.

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One-on-one coaching

Accelerators deliver 8 hours of one-on-one coaching with some of the world’s most respected leadership coaches. You’ll receive 4 hours of training with dedicated experts in executive development or boardroom selection. You’ll also spend 4 hours with a Transformation Coach who will work with you to “show up” in a more powerful way and to become an effective, memorable, and more effective communicator.

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Custom Brand Packages

Own your brand and put it on paper. Athena’s expert executive writers craft a polished Brand Package, which includes a CV, bio, and comprehensive LinkedIn update.

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Are You Eligible for Athena?

The women leaders in Athena are typically VP or above at a large commercial company, approximately $100M in revenue or more. At global enterprises, they may be Sr. Director or above. They may also be senior associates at investment firms or law firms.

For accomplished leaders who want to become even bigger.

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Executives and C-Suite

Become a steward of the overarching business, own your value, and learn to support and present to the board.

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Board Seekers

Develop a personal go-to-market strategy and a deep understanding of board governance. Receive guidance from experienced board directors.

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Experienced Board Directors

Extend your board portfolio, network with accomplished leaders, and mentor women executives on the rise.

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Investor Partners

You may be a Partner or desire to be a Partner. Finesse your negotiation, communication, and governance skills.

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Founders and CEOs

Form transformative connections to other leaders and learn how to govern and manage your own board.

Choose your plan

Join an Athena Accelerator when signing up for your membership to receive 15% off your bundle. Or, add on individual services after joining to enhance your experience.

Accelerator Lite - $2,720

Accelerator - $4,845

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