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Fast-track your path to board service

The Aspiring Director Accelerator

Prepare for a board seat beyond traditional training. Athena Athena connects you to the right opportunities, networks, mentors, and top-tier coaches to help you accelerate your path to the boardroom.

A white glove approach to leadership development

A Member Success Manager will serve as your “Personal Chief of Staff”, guiding you to all that Athena can deliver. They will track your progress and adjust your program along the way to meet your unique goals. The Aspiring Director Accelerator program includes

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Journey Planning

4 hours with a coach throughout the year

Work with a dedicated coach who is an expert in board needs, board trends, and board director selection.


Executive Transformation

4 hours with a coach throughout the year

Learn executive presence, thought leadership, and storytelling to help you translate your incredible career into one of an overarching steward of business. Plus, you will also receive access to a mobile app to help you practice your board pitches and perfect your delivery.

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Brand package

Athena’s expert executive writers will craft a polished Brand Package for you, including a CV, board bio, and comprehensive LinkedIn update.

Why Athena

What you’ll gain by joining Athena

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Own your board value

Discover and internalize what you uniquely bring to the table.

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Build your brand

Understand and learn to communicate your unique value proposition.

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Understand modern governance

Learn about board service from experienced directors.

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Connect to opportunities and coaches

Athena serves as your agent, connecting you to board decision-makers and influencers.

Are you eligible for the Aspiring Director Accelerator Program?

Aspiring Director women tend to be VP-and above at large commercial companies, approximately $100M in revenue or more. They are experienced executives and thought leaders who are eager to apply their holistic career experience to a board director role. We also accept founder-CEOs as well as partners from venture, private equity, and large consulting firms.

Our Value

The most comprehensive support for board seekers

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An exclusive community of powerhouse senior leaders.

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Member Success Manager

A personal Member Success Manager serves as your “Chief of Staff” for all things Athena Alliance.

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Exclusive virtual and in-person events

Build boardroom and business knowledge through events led by experienced board directors.


Learning Library

An online collection of resources, including articles and multimedia content created by experienced board directors.



Senior leaders and board directors mentor members on topics such as boardroom onboarding and committees to finances and interview preparation.

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Key connections

Connect with investors, CEOs, and board influencers.

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World-class coaches

Our coaches are vetted and experienced in working with senior leaders.


Board opportunities

Access to open board seats, from private companies to public.

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Visibility opportunities

Speaking engagements, advisory roles, voice of the customer, and more.

Advance your leadership

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Are you ready to prepare for board service? Join the Athena Alliance Aspiring Director Accelerator.

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