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Fast-track your discovery of top-tier board director and board advisor candidates through our powerful community of women leaders. Success fees only.

Why partner with Athena Alliance for your next Board Director?

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Access a network of world-class talent

The Athena ecosystem is more than 5,000 strong and growing.

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Find board matches, fast

We are experts in board construct and recruiting.

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Become a steward of diversity

Partnering with Athena showcases your commitment to and advocacy for women in leadership, setting you apart in your industry and in the media.

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Outsource the heavy lifting

Retain your internal board selection processes and allow us to make the right connections for you.

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Go at your own pace

Take your time and consider as many board candidates as you need.

Success fees only

You only pay Athena if you choose a board candidate or board advisor who we’ve introduced to you. Our fees range from $10,000 to $50,000.

How our Board Match
process works?


We curate a recommended list of candidates from inside and beyond Athena’s membership base.


We send you concise summaries of each leader’s experience.


We typically see success after just 3 to 8 introductions.


We respect your confidentiality, your privacy, and your processes.

What CEOs are saying

Lawrence Coburn

Former CEO, DoubleDutch

“I could not recommend Athena more strongly if sourcing world class women leaders for your board is important to you. Athena opened up a new channel for us, and allowed us to meet incredibly talented and driven women execs who were board-ready.”

Rick Smith


“The process could not have been easier and more enjoyable. The Athena Alliance connected us with a broad array of incredibly talented women from a variety of disciplines,
all with deep knowledge and experience in various technology sectors.”

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